Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you have a Wellness Journal app? We have received requests from people with accessibility requirements to come up with an app for ipads and phones.  This is something we plan on working on in the next few months.  Please note that suggestions and comments on how to make the Wellness Journal more accessible are welcome! 
Why 28 days?

28 days equals four weeks of data or nearly a month (to state the obvious). We wanted the journal to contain entries from a meaningful length of time without overdoing it.

There are some health conditions where strict daily management of activities, foods and medications is absolutely essential to maintaining the best level of functionality.  These patients may choose to use the Journal year round.  The 28 day Wellness Journal is small and light enough to carry around in a bag and if you misplace it you only lose up to 1 month of entries.

But not all people need to fill out 28 days worth of entries.  Sometimes one or two weeks is enough at one time.  You can always go back and fill in the next one to two weeks whenever necessary.

Can I purchase the 28 Day Wellness Journal in bulk?

Yes, volume orders are available as well as special customization for healthcare practitioners and clinics.  Contact Novagrowth at hello@novagrowth.com.

Is there a kids version available?

We are currently evaluating the interest in a Kids Wellness Journal.  If you are interested, let us know at kids@wellness-journal.org

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do but we limit it to groups or organizations that help or communicate directly with patient communities.  Contact sales@wellness-journal.org for more information.