Help finding a diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis

The Wellness Journal helps organize information about your symptoms as well as other factors to aid in finding a diagnosis.

How to use the Wellness Journal:

Research suggests that a doctor's diagnoses can be wrong up to 30%of the time.  You can help your doctor and yourself by making sure you have the right information about symptoms available to efficiently and more comprehensively communicate. 

Week One

  • Start the journal first thing upon waking.
  • Note how you feel during the day, your sleep quality, the weather, and pain.  Use the icons and scales included in the journal.
  • Note exactly what medications you take, what you eat or drink and the times. (Be specific. Include incidental over-the-counter medication and the small food items such as the butter on toast or the toppings on your specialty coffee.)
  • Note any and all symptoms, the severity and the time they occur.  
  • Note any factors or activities that you believe may be affecting your health in any way
  • If appropriate, take your heart rate (and blood pressure if you have access to a monitor) at the time symptoms appear. 
  • Use the journal for a minimum of a week.
  • At the end of the week use the weekly summary to include all foods, activities or other factors you think may have a connection to your symptoms.  

Week Two

  • In the "Week Ahead" section write down what foods you will include in your diet for the week, what physical activities you will engage in and your medications.
  • If appropriate, leave out of your diet the foods that you believe may have caused symptoms.
  • Continue to note exactly your activities, what you eat, any symptoms and when they occur.
  • At the end of the week use your weekly summary to add any additional foods, factors or activities you believe may be connected to your symptoms. 

Week Three and Four

  • Continue to carefully note your daily activities as above.

  • At the end of week four review your daily entries carefully.  
  • In the journal summary areas write down any connections that appear between what you eat, what you do and how you feel.
  • Once you have carefully reviewed your entries, noted any connections, add your observations to the "For my Healthcare Practitioner" section.
  • Remember to take the journal with you to your next visit with your health care provider.