Using the 28 Day Wellness Journal


Finding connections between what you do and how you feel.

Using the Wellness Journal:

Chronic health conditions can make us feel like we are losing control of our bodies and health.  The 28 Day Wellness Journal is one way we can gain a measure of control back by identifying what makes us feel better and what makes us feel worse.

The 28 Day Wellness Journal is a tool to help us find those answers by organizing the information about our daily living activities, conditions and symptoms.


Tips in Using the Journal

  • Start the journal first thing upon waking.

  • Take the journal with you when you go out and keep it handy when in your home.

  • Note exactly what you eat, drink, take medications and the times
    • Be specific about everything that you ingest. Include the small stuff such as the butter on toast or the toppings on your specialty coffee.

  • Note any and all symptoms, the severity and the time they occur.  

  • Write down what exercises you perform.

  • Note how you feel during the day, your sleep quality, the weather, and pain.  Use the icons and scales included in the journal.

  • At the end of the week use the weekly summary to include all foods you think may have a connection to your symptoms.  

  • If it is or could be relevant to your condition:
    • Take your heart rate (and blood pressure if you have access to a monitor) at the time of the symptoms appearing and before/after you exercise
    • Note your weight in the notes section.

  • Use the journal for a minimum of a week.

    For specific information, go to:

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