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 A Letter for you

Living with a chronic illness or undiagnosed symptoms can be isolating, infuriating, discouraging and, at times, desperate. 

If you are on the hunt for answers here is my reassurance to you: there are proven ways to gain greater control over your health and to help yourself to feel better.  Use this journal to better understand the correlation between what you do and how you feel. 

When I began experiencing mysterious health symptoms doctors could not make a diagnosis.  I visited specialists nationally and internationally to find answers.  Over time it became clear that unless I could give doctors a clear description of my symptoms in an organized way, a diagnosis would continue to be allusive.

As someone who has lived with a chronic illness for over 40 years I can say with confidence that using the Wellness Journal 28 Day method aided in my diagnosis and continues to be a valuable tool for  me and my physicians in assessing the effectiveness of treatments.   

I hope you find this journal helpful. Your own personal journey to wellness can start now!

hugs, Liz




Elisabeth Rybak is an accomplished business consultant who has spent her career building companies and relationships across the globe.

To outward appearances Elisabeth has been a successful careerwoman, but behind the scenes Elisabeth has dealt with a chronic illness that went undiagnosed for decades. Intermittently wheelchair-bound with doctors unable to reach a diagnosis, Elisabeth refused to accept the isolation and discouragement an undiagnosed sickness can bring.  She began to document her daily activities to understand better the correlation between what she did and how she felt from day-to-day. The deeper Elisabeth dove into the details of her daily routines, the more she uncovered factors that provoked her illness. Armed with this information, her doctors were able to make a diagnosis and offer treatment.

After working with doctors of Internal Medicine, Immunologists, Cardiologists and Hematology experts, Elisabeth designed and refined The Wellness Journal 28-day method for understanding the connection between what you do and how you feel.

Today, Elisabeth enjoys Pilates, walking, swimming, and breathing in the gorgeous landscape of New Brunswick, Canada, where she calls home. She is always looking for new ways to optimize her health and is excited for you to experience the joy and freedom that comes from taking control of your treatment.